Marshal Pembroke

Marshal Pembroke was raised with Owen Badon in Clarence House. His father’s position as Private Secretary to the King afforded him privileges closed to the general public. Despite his humble lineage Marshal was treated as if he were a member of the British Royal Family and with that came expectations. He grew to be a dashing young man who was both a scholar and  an athlete. Marshal was deeply in love with Anne Kent, the mayor of London’s daughter, but she spurned him for Prince Wallace, King Owen’s cousin. Marshal was crushed and blamed King Owen for introducing Anne to his cousin. He became obsessed with besting King Owen at everything he did. Just as King Owen had joined the S.A.S, Marshal joined Special Reconnaissance Regiment. He won the N.A.T.O military skills contests in order show up his childhood friend. Even though he was kind hearted, Marshal overflowed with bitterness towards King Owen. Their once close brotherhood had soured to a bitter rivalry. 

Queen Caesaris

Caesaris Caprera, the daughter of Giovanni Caprera who is Caesar, was born in Rome and was an infant when Italy fell. She never knew anything else but the resurrected Roman Empire for most of her life. After she witnessed firsthand her father’s brutality, Queen Caesaris wanted nothing more than to leave Rome. When her aunt died after she was placed on the British throne, Queen Caesaris’s father decided she should be the next Sovereign despite the fact she was only seventeen.  Once she ascended to the throne Queen Caesaris decided to stand up against her father and risk everything. She sought out and joined an anti-Roman group known as the Chords who dress in Victorian style and hold punk-rock balls. She learns to love British culture and fully immerses herself in it. Two years later while disguised as a Chord, Queen Caesaris met the rightful heir to the throne, King Owen. There was a spark between them and Queen Caesaris chose to secretly aid him in his quest stop the Roman occupation and free Great Britain.

William West

William West was a notorious outlaw who was as famous as any celebrity in Hollywood. In an attempt to atone for his past he joined the U.S. Army with his former partner in crime Roost Roberts. William used his keen intellect and cowboy knowhow to help drive the Roman Empire from the American Southwest. It was during his time with the cavalry in Texas and New Mexico where he met King Owen, and they became friends. After the war he underwent a high-profile trial where a jury refused to find him guilty of his past exploits such as multiple robberies of train tanker cars where he transferred thousands of gallons of oil to tanker trucks. His heroism against the Romans had become as much a part of his legend as the high-stakes thefts which initially brought him fame. King Owen personally requested that William be part of the special American task force to aid him.  William, along with his fiancé the sharpshooter Phoebe Willowdel and Roost go to London to help restore the rightful heir to the throne.

Major Morrison Lyons

Morrison (Morris to his friends) was born in White Plains, New York where his father was a professor at Mercy College. He moved to Tucson at the age of eight when his father became head of the African American Studies department at the University of Arizona. Morrison was an honor student, outgoing, and was extremely popular at his high school, but his mother sensed he lacked direction and discipline and suggested the ROTC. He found that he loved the military and was admitted to West Point. He graduated near the top of his class and became a Green Beret. He quickly established himself as a formidable soldier. He earned four purple hearts in two years. When King Owen rescued Morrison from the Praetorian Guard in Kansas City after his unit was ambushed and wiped out; Morrison eagerly accepted an invitation to become a Knight of the Clock Tower.

King Owen

Owen Badon was born eighth in line to the British Throne and never expected to be king. He was raised along with his cousins, the princes and princesses of the royal family. It became apparent when King Owen was young he was the best out of the young royals. He had mastered fencing by fourteen and several other disciplines by fifteen. His cousins became enraged when a coveted dukedom, The Duke of Sussex, was bestowed upon him for his nineteenth birthday. He graduated from Oxford the same year and wanted to serve his country since he believed he would never wear the crown. King Owen joined the British Army and became a member of the Special Air Service. It was a year later while he was on a mission in Burgundy that the Romans invaded. His entire family was executed before he ever had a chance to get back to London. He vowed then he would have justice for his family and free Great Britain.

"The Rightful Heir" Character Profiles

Code Name Ice Swan

The enigmatic deep cover CIA agent known as Ice Swan was given her code name by her first station chief who said she was as cool as ice under pressure, but was still as graceful as a swan. At sixteen she left the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma where her father served as attorney general. She attended college at MIT and sought a doctorate in nuclear physics. Swan caught the attention of the intelligence community due to the combination of her stunning appearance, supreme confidence, and unparalleled IQ. She agreed to join the CIA and after a brief training period she was inserted behind enemy lines in Pakistan. Swan quickly proved her worth to the CIA and gained an almost mythical reputation. She met William West in Texas during the Roman conflict and they became fast friends. Swan then infiltrated the Roman Empire by soliciting Charles Fletcher. She was stationed by the Romans in London where she made contact with King Owen and Queen Caesaris to aid in the revolution.

Phoebe Willowdell 

Phoebe Willowdell started to competitively shoot when she was a child in Tennessee and won several championships. Even when she was molested several times by her uncle at eleven years old she refused to let it stop her. She was slated to be part of the U.S. Olympic skeet shooting team when Rome invaded. She felt her duty was to serve her country as a sniper and joined the army. Phoebe’s petite frame and bubbly personality gave no indication of her adeptness with a gun. She repeatedly proved her deadly skills during the U.S. war with Rome. It was in Texas that King Owen first witnessed Phoebe’s prowess with both a rifle and a pistol. With her status as the greatest shot in the world solidified she joined King Owen’s knights in an attempt to  drive the Romans out of Great Britain. Despite her recent engagement to William West she left for London. It is while in London that she befriended Queen Caesaris and became infatuated with the movement of Victorian style influenced punk-rockers, the Chords.