About Brian Bailie Jr.

Brian Bailie Jr was born in June 1970 at Tampa General Hospital. A fourth generation citizen of Tampa he grew up in the North Tampa area. Brian's love of literature began in grade school when he attended Carrollwood Independent Day School. He read such titles as "Great Expectations","Julius Caesar", "Animal Farm", and "The Oxbow Incident". He also came to love the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle. Brian's lifelong love of books would eventually push him towards writing. 

Brian worked as a lifegaurd in his youth, ran a latchkey program as well as being active in several political clubs while attending the University of South Florida, and has been a strategist on several political campaigns.

In June 2011 Brian had a blood clot burst in his spinal column which led to the discovery of Ewing's Sarcoma, a childhood form of cancer. Despite being given less than a 50% chance of surviving and told that he would never have normal function in the lower half of his body, he beat cancer and has almost no numbness below the waist. A fact he attributes to his faith in God.

Today Brian lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and son.